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im. Alcide De Gasperi
BOOK CHAPTER (133-146)
Economical and Public Administration Aspects of Biodiversity Maintenance
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The maintenance of biodiversity is pre-condition of the biosphere’s sustainable state that forms the necessary terms of human physical existence on the Earth and socio-economic system functioning. Biodiversity maintenance is a public administration action result and economic mechanisms that provide the socio-economic system functioning. A biodiversity determines quantitative and quality composition of ecosystems predetermines pre-conditions of biosphere firmness. The maintenance of biodiversity in Ukraine has a difficult hierarchical structure of authority, and is characterized by the inconsistency and the unclear functions and duties allocation. The biovariety maintainance function is represented only in 4 % from the general amount of regions of Ukraine in the public administration organizational structure of environment protection. Most part (56 %) belongs to the regions which have the public administration incorporated function in biovariety maintainance industry. All of these require a scientific justification and subsequent improvement of management organizational structure of biovariety maintainance in Ukraine. The analysis of state and local management systems of the Ukrainian biodiversity has been done. The biodiversity conservation functions analysis and classification have been carried out. The economic effect of biodiversity functioning has been estimated using forests and swamps ekosystems as an example. The necessity of biodiversity in the GDP of the state has been justified.
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