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im. Alcide De Gasperi
The human genome as the inheritance of humanity
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The essential consideration of this article is the protection of the human genome as a characteristic of all mankind. The law - in particular the biomedical convention - allows for interventions in the genome (limited), although it can transmit to the next generations. The essence of protection should be to prevent the creation of a perfect man. The law protects the diversity of the animal and plant world – it does not protect the homo sapiens diversity. Neglecting the creation of protective mechanisms at an early stage of interventions in the genome. Neglecting this can create a perfect man. At a later stage this can lead to the formation of a perfect and imperfect part within the homo sapiens species. It seems that the moment has come to create a legal concept for the protection of the diversity of the human species – analogy to the protection of human heritage in other aspects seems to be a good starting point for these considerations.
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