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im. Alcide De Gasperi
Consumer policy is built on legally guaranteed principles of equal opportunities, also activities of organizations, businesses and national authorities constitute an essential element of consumer culture. Fair trade, competition and accurate information in the marketplace have undergone a profound change in recent years the foregoing also applies to the scope of consumer protection, which has been widened and the legal control in this respect has been strengthened. European Commissioner for Consumer - Neven Mimica Protection on 3rd June 2013 emphasized that „more targeted information to consumers, expressed in clear and simple language (...) gives consumers the evidence and confidence that they are protected and that they have clear, enforceable rights”. It should be stressed that observance of consumers’ rights and interests, especially their right to information shall constitute the foundation of consumers’ safety on goods and services market in a broad sense. This book has three fundamental purposes - it is intended to be help to researchers and students widely understood consumer protection system in European Union Member States with particular focus on its enforcement in Republic of Poland, which is primarily related to Poland’s accession to the EU and introduction of European Community legal system. Second, it represents broad attempt to make an original contribution to the literature on EU policy-making and politics. And our third, and equally important, task is to bring current knowledge of selected areas of consumer protection policy. It is impossible to present all described issues associated with consumers protection in such a short introduction - thus individual problems were taken and developed by the authors of published papers. Editors would like to express deep feeling of gratitude to the Reviewers - prof. Florian Lempa - professor at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland) and Prof. Aladag Cadgas Hakan - professor at the Hacettepe University (Turkey)for their invaluable suggestions and help. Special words of thanks are also due to all Authors who have prepared interesting contributions published in this volume. Editors hope that this book will satisfy several interests.
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