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im. Alcide De Gasperi
BOOK CHAPTER (181-188)
Metody pracy z uczniem o specjalnych potrzebach edukacyjnych - teoria i praktyka
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Szkoła Wyższa im. Bogdana Jańskiego Wydział Nauk Społecznych w Warszawie
Nowadays, a common phenomenon observed in the search for unity. Politicians seek to unite Europe, to the unity of the human psychologists, educators to integrate disabled children and disabled people in society, sensory integration therapists to integrate all the senses. But some people forget that no system, but a man in this system is the most important. Disability shows us that something important is a man than what he knows and he does, although it is important that the extent of its capabilities and skills can be achieved. This integration is to give these children a chance and answer the persistent question: whether they are full members of our society and we have a chance to grow. The educational system in Poland should (and already partly starts) to be open to all students. Should pay attention to their individual needs and take action to ensure all students the best possible conditions for normal and full functioning in the environment. Special educational needs and the resultant possibility of the child and the possible shortcomings and deficiencies environment. Children and adolescents with special educational needs, in particular students: gifted, physically disabled and chronically ill, with conduct disorder, socially maladjusted maladjustment and risk, coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and areas economically and culturally with other learning disabilities. Educational needs should be identified as soon as possible to increase the chance to meet their own needs.
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