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im. Alcide De Gasperi
BOOK CHAPTER (297-306)
Wolontariat powszechny wyzwaniem dla uczelni wyższych kierunków bezpieczeństwa wewnętrznego
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Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki Euroregionalnej im. Alcide De Gasperi, ul. Sienkiewicza 4, 05-410, Józefów, Polska
Abstract. Common volunteer as challenge for students as major for interial security. Intergrate theory security UEFA EURO 2012 comprehenzive take cary to each of predict risks areas. It considerate according to common conception, actions of povering, service evens, services, responsible for public and volunteer savety. Activities which are connected with reliable information to football fans, tourists and journalists have as its result able, profecional and friendly service for participions of event. Their involvements will be connected with location for space of strategic meaning also for filling public atmosphere friendly, especially also football zones, cities centries and also interchanges and traffic routes. Promotion of EURO 2012 in Poland, as far as behind bordes, will surely promote, further interest of our country, not only as place of final matches events but also as place of beautifulness of our nature, landscapes, monuments and places of memory. When lots of tourists feel unusual atmosphere connected with sport events which will be from our society their security and comfort of learning in our country. Cities and towns, hamlets and housing estates in which domestic and international tourists will wate for riable information and real support in difficult situations, what belong to common volunteer which is connected with learning students on interial security. In 2012 year in our country about seventy high schools will teach about sixthundried students. It is realy great potential young people who will be prepared for professional work in interial security. High schools willingly lead learning on interial security- information connected with strategy of security on EURO 2012. Surely, this knowledge will be adequate not only on this event, because the whole experiences will bring further to advantages in whole Poland. Next advantage is that here will be meeting of theory and activity in streets. Surely according to this activities we will be perceive as sevety country and friendly to foreigners. These activities do not demand further outlays. It is enough to work out standerize of given information about whole conception of security EURO 2012, in it about planned service activities and others participations, as also about areas which may be also in danger (not only connected with direct activities with EURO 2012 ), and high schools willingly lead them as teaching programmes.
Wójcik J.W., Od hipisów do satanistów, Wydawnictwo EUREKA, Kraków 1992.
Konwencja nr 120 z 1985 r. ratyfikowana przez Prezydenta RP i opublikowana w Dz. U. z 1995 r. nr 129, poz. 625.
Dz. U. Nr 62 poz. 504.
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