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im. Alcide De Gasperi
BOOK CHAPTER (169-193)
The impact of the financial crisis on the European Defence
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Poland as an active member of the Visegrad Triangle functions under specific circumstances caused by global, continental and internal factors. Article addresses several issues discussed with the special focus on given conditions determining the perception of certain issues i.e. geo-political, geo-economic and national interest. In terms of geo-political and geo-economics factors the localization of a state plays a crucial role, in particular, Poland plays important role connecting the East and West, and being the buffer zone between Germany and Russia. With this respect Poland shall focus on strengthening its military security by giving the preference to national security to be able to accommodate both internal and coalition needs. The Visegrad Triangle enables cultivation of such relationships allowing coordination in political, economic, military, environmental and informational spheres for the benefit of the national and European security. What represents Polish national interest nowadays? Is there a possibility of promotion and protection of the national interest in the era of globalization - especially bearing in mind that we are already largely “globalized”?
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