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im. Alcide De Gasperi
BOOK CHAPTER (243-255)
Education for public safety
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The biggest threat in the twenty-first century is not a military conflict and non-military dangers. The greatest enemy of peace is global terrorism. Every year the number of attacks gradually increases. An important role of the government, universities and other public and private organizations is educating the public about the possible dangers. This article presents the role of education for the public safety. Issues raised in the current threats and ways to counter them. The author of this paper describes the role of the police, The Internal Security Agency and Rescue Call Centre in counteracting terrorism attacks. The article highlights the important role of education for the public safety. Particular attention has been paid to the necessity of the education of children and youth. This article presents curricula prepared and approved by the Ministry of Education for primary, middle and high schools involving the education of children and adolescents. The role of universities and NGOs in this process has been underlined as well.
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