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im. Alcide De Gasperi
Efficiency of the Railway Security Guard – the formation responsible for the security of the UEFA European Football Championship EURO 2012
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The organization of the UEFA European Football Championship EURO 2012 was a project which required precise preparation, involvement of institutions, the police and transport service providers. During EURO the security of the railway area was an important element. This task is realized by the Railway Security Guard (SOK), of course, in cooperation with other services, formations. In view of the Championship, the General Headquarters of Railway Security Guard, prepared a special document -,,Preparation and service of Euro 2012 “. It has been included into the PKP Polish Railway Lines S. A. ,,Program Service Station Euro 2012 “, approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure in the first quarter of 2011. In connection with the European Championships, in order to optimally comply with statutory duties imposed on the formation, the management decided to equip officers with modern equipment (purchase of nine specialized, unique on a European scale vehicles - Mobile Monitoring Centers), increase the level of employment and of training of officers, and to strengthen cooperation with other formations. Also, a SOK’s 24-hour emergency telephone number has been started - 22 474 00 00. For all, including the SOK, Euro 2012 was a kind of challenge - a test for ability, efficiency and professionalism. Statistics and its insightful analysis confirms that the Railway Security Guard has realized its goals perfectly.
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