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im. Alcide De Gasperi
Strengthening of victims’ human rights in case of forced displacement through research on resilience in the post-conflict situation in Colombia
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The aim of this paper is to explain and analyse the research relationship between the University Jaume I from Castellón, Spain, and the University of Antioquia, Colombia. Several research activities have been carried out, of which the project aimed at empowering psychosocial intervention with the most vulnerable Colombian population should be highlighted. This research action has contributed to the implementation in Colombia of the model that promotes resilience as an innovative methodology for cases of forced displacement of population and its consequences, which has, in turn, contributed to the construction of peace. The research therefore identifies itself with what is called the “Human Rights-based Approach” method, as the promotion of resilience focuses on human development and, as a consequence, on strengthening the affected population’s human rights which were affected for years by the armed conflict in Colombia. This particularly concerns situations suffered by the child and youth population, which is the most vulnerable to the consequences of forced displacement. To summarize, the research aims to offer promotion, dissemination and training in Human Rights, which means contributing to the improvement and optimization of the quality of life and mental health of the population and its environment.
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