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Luiza Bogucka, Adam Mateuszuk
“Electronic will”
Maciej Rzewuski
Many scientific, political, and social groups call for the human rights system to become a global collection of moral norms similar to the biblical Decalogue. However, the dysfunction of this system may be noticed, in which can be included among others: the variability of the content of individual rights, even fundamental rights or the use of those rights for political or economical purposes. For those reasons, in many cultural circles, not only Asian or African, but also European, this system is not always accepted. Individual rights are negated, and especially their interpretation in areas such as: equality of people before the law, the right to the court, freedom of conscience and religion, the right to human integrity, or tolerance. Contemporary reality is characterized by multiculturalism, often reaching its roots in centuries-old tradition, also based on religious values. Meanwhile, the concept of human rights is primarily based in the circle of the Enlightenment culture, mainly in the French Revolution values. The systematization of human rights according to K. Vasak, for which the basis of systematization are three revolutionary values – the freedom, the equality and the brotherhood is a proof of this. This causes the human rights to be perceived as an instrument of Europeanization of other continents and cultures. In addition, there is a lack of honest and open dialogue and understanding of the need to look at man from the perspective of his being, which in turn causes dissonance within the meaning of individual human rights. The authors of this work were guided by the idea of seeking a new basis for the discussion on human rights in isolation from existing cultural conception and conditions, including political or economic ones. It was assumed that the basis for such a discussion could be the needs of human being, which are common to all people and independent of the particular culture. In addition, the considerations on human rights have been linked to the new challenges inherent in modern technology and new social problems.
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