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im. Alcide De Gasperi
BOOK CHAPTER (149-166)
Terrorism and the state
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Facing current banking crisis, which can be described as a confrontation between the coalition of governing powers and private banks enjoying the political and legal privileges and the rest of the society, the international terrorism became less attractive for media. Bad economic results in the countries of Western civilization were caused by the reckless activities of their domestic corporations and speculative capital, rather than by the terrorism. The Western countries in recent years were so much engaged in the fight with terrorism that it would be difficult to find a government that would not address the challenges of terrorism in its security strategy. Moreover, there were long chapters devoted only to action plans against terrorism. Terrorism is not an extraordinary phenomenon that typical only for the nowadays world. It has a centuries long tradition - the only difference is the access to the information via mass media - today it so much easier to spread the word. Terrorism should be treated as a political phenomenon and as a consequence of governing in a certain way. This phenomenon affects the security understood in the global, regional and national aspects. On all levels it has similar effects. Last but not least it influences the defense of international structures, in particular of a national nature. Currently, Poland is not in a position to guarantee the security of the national territory by the military means and, above all in case of necessity to conduct anti-terrorist operations
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