Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki
im. Alcide De Gasperi
The significance and role of e-commerce in the era of the coronavirus pandemic
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Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki Euroregionalnej im. Alcide De Gasperi w Józefowie, Polska
The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed both the economic and social world. It did not go unnoticed in the broadly understood marketing industry either. It reflected in smaller advertising budgets, building a new identity in the on-line world, maintaining the authenticity and safety of the product, or, above all, adjusting the marketing strategy to the new reality. New consumers began to move to the internet. The purpose of this article is to analyze and evaluate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the functioning of marketing in enterprises. COVID-19 has changed the lives of people all over the world overnight. An analysis of the literature on the subject was carried out, showing the impact of the pandemic, which disrupted not only jobs, but also supply chains and financial markets. Most of all, it had an impact on customers. There are not many publications on this subject, and there is also a reference to publications on the internet.
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