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im. Alcide De Gasperi
Digitization of business processes
Influencer marketing jako nowoczesne narzędzie promocji w branży turystycznej
Aleksandra Szejniuk, Agnieszka Werenowska, Anna Glista
Digitization of social activities
Digitization in education
The nature of the so-called the Fourth Revolution leaves no doubt as to the chances of survival in a digital world full of connections, varied as to their shape, strength and durability. All these relationships are based in practice on more and more advanced communication solutions and information. Only organizations that, firstly, accept the necessity of constant adaptation to the changing rules of functioning, and, secondly, will be able to stay ahead of trends by proposing innovative solutions, will achieve success. The challenges faced by organizations relate to virtually all spheres of their functioning, starting from the flexible adaptation of their strategies and offers to the changing needs of the recipient or, more broadly, stakeholder. Then, these challenges relate to the adaptation of the existing organizational structures, functional divisions within the organization, the shape of the processes, more and more virtual, and in all areas of cooperation with the client, from customer service, through performance or provision, to after-sales service. After all, the challenges in the area of ​​organizational changes concern the products themselves, which themselves must be more and more digital, i.e. contain components based on the use of IT solutions, which determine its final reception. Finally, you should not forget about the additional, and perhaps key, the value of digital change in organizations which is knowledge. Change builds knowledge, and it drives further progress, where innovation and the ability to respond to changes in the environment are of particular importance. The multiplication of wisdom, which is achieved through the skilful use of resources, including knowledge, should be the main goal of those who direct and lead changes. Contents the substantive content of the chapters of the presented monograph is diverse, but the common denominator of all considerations is digitization. The need for adaptive changes towards a flexible framework for functioning and processes, assuming the critical role of information systems and technologies today, concerns both business, social and educational organizations. Each of these three segments of the organization is detailed in the monograph, showing the changes taking place in them on the example of selected aspects. Reading individual studies allows to say that they remain in the area of ​​digitization of the organization. This makes the considerations topical. The studies contain theoretical and practical knowledge, showing categories, phenomena, and mechanisms of influencing organizations.
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