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Ethical code

Ethical code

Publication ethics and malpractice statement

Publisher House is intended to ensure the ethics and quality of scientific publications. Therefore, meeting the standards of ethical behavior is mandatory for all parties involved: authors, reviewers and editors.

Editors have to:

1. Champion freedom of expression.
2. Maintain the integrity of the academic record.
3. Preclude business needs from compromising intellectual and ethical standards.
4. Ensuring that all published reports and reviews of research have been reviewed by suitably qualified reviewers (including statistical review where appropriate).
5. Ensuring that appropriate reviewers are selected for submissions (i.e. individuals who are able to judge the work and are free from disqualifying competing interests).
6. Adopting systems for detecting plagiarism (e.g. software, searching for similar titles) in submitted items.

Responsibilities of Editors:

1. Actively seek the views of authors, readers, reviewers and editorial board members about ways of improving their journal’s processes.
2. Adopt authorship or contributorship systems that promote good practice (i.e. so that listings accurately reflect who did the work) and discourage misconduct (e.g. ghost and guest authors).
3. Editors have complete responsibility and authority to reject/accept an article.
4. Editors are responsible for the contents and overall quality of the publication.
5. Editors should base their decisions solely on importance of the subject, quality of the paper (including article structure and clarity of expression), depths and strengths of arguments, originality of arguments, contribution to theory-building and the body of knowledge in media and communication studies.
6. Editors should preserve the anonymity of reviewers.
7. Editors should ensure that all research material they publish conforms to the ethical guidelines.
8. Editors should act if they suspect misconduct, whether a paper is published or unpublished, and make all reasonable attempts to persist in obtaining a resolution to the problem.
9. Editors shall be responsible for meeting the publication deadlines and collaborate with the publishing house at each stages of the process of publication.
10. Editors should not allow any conflicts of interest between staff, authors, reviewers and board members.


COPE Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.
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